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Our coin PCON Signal, was borned in a telegram community that we have for our Youtube channel “PCON Network Marketing”. We were tired of putting money in the same conventional tokens with no utility, even many of them were scam. Well, now you are asking yourself what is PCON. For those who don’t know they journey behind our youtube channel, we started one year ago uploading videos about how to avoid pyramid schemes and ponzys, even promoting the fight against scams on social media, exposing scammers by putting photos and their full names and that gave us some respect and as always, some haters. If you are in this investment environment, you know someone that was scammed by some fake mining business, sports bets, etc and right, we fell too, but we recovered and learned.


Our biggest fame comes with the boom of the shitcoins or memecoins, to be exact, with Shiba Inu token, where with a $180 investment we made around $12000. That brought new people to the community and they started believing in us. Many people till this day are sending us messages thanking us. For that reason, our channel increased significantly.


Our community kept increasing and so our telegram where I created a group called “Surviving the market, not allowed for cardiacs” where I met amazing people from different parts of the world with the same entrepreneur vision that I have and for my surprise they were already subscribed to our channel. Now I am currently working with a team of nine professional members from around the world on a project that our community recommended, “Why don’t you create our own token?”. That is the reason we are here and how PCON Signal was borned, with a commited community, a commited and capable team and holder community, a team with a vision to guarantee our token a nice journey. This is not just another token, with PCON Signal you can become a professional trader, yes, you heard it right, with FIBOT an A.I trading bot you can become one. Your dog will be no longer your best friend, FIBOT will be. FIBOT was designed to give trading signals, entry or sell points and the latest news related to investments. There’s no more excuses to become one, you have all of this at your hand.



Download the whitepaper and learn about PCON SIGNAL Token.



Luis Alfredo Cristóbal
Project Manager
Matías Andrés Beathyate
Blockchain Developer
Jesús Gallardo Acevedo
Digital Designer
Alberto Robles
Web Developer
Troncoso Dario
Marketing and Crypto Advisor